The Real meaning behind the creation of Singin’ in the Rain

Robert Van Deering

Timothy Robinson

ENG 2300

September 26, 2013

There are several reasons why the film, “Singin’ in the Rain” was created when it was. It address the conflict between television and film industry. Also, another threat to the film industry was the greater high-culture pretensions posed to films that were just for entertaining the audience.

The film was created by MGM which stands for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1952, the reason they created the film was to address a problem that the film industry had with television, because in the 1950s television was the main medium of attracting people’s attention to form their opinions. The reason that posed a threat to films and cinema was that TV became more affordable and offered more programming to the American people so they bought TVs and in-turn made it the dominant mass media then.

“Singin’ in the Rain” explicitly deals with the Hollywood filmmaking process throughout the film as the actors at the time in film had to transitions from the entertainment they were performing in Hollywood which was often silent films with music, to talkies because of the release of the “Jazz Singer, in 1927 there was a remake of the Jazz Singer released in 1952. It was the first film to have synchronized dialogue and its’ release propelled more films to adopted talking sequences in them which led to the decline in silent film because R.F. in the film decided he had no choice, but to change The Dueling Cavalier, into a talkie because in the film rival studios release the Jazz Singer and had been very successful and the audience shouted wanted something like the Jazz Singer.

Singin’ in the Rain was released in a time where it was difficult to draw crowds to the theater because of the increasingly difficult task needed to draw people away from their TV sets. The studio and the actors had to adjust to a period of change because most of them really didn’t think that talkies would be a big hit because in the scene where they are in the house watching it for the first time the crowd thinks that Don Lockwood is talking or someone behind the screen is, but the come to realize that is actually the person on the film, who is talking because he recorded himself as he was filming this interaction or scene to demonstrated that it possible with this new technology the recorder.

This film was a monumentally creation because it came at a period where the kind of entertainment that Hollywood produced needed a new direction and change to adapted and thrive because film was in a battle with TV to gain an audience. Singin’ in the Rain is also very irony because it was released in 1952 and musical films were really on a decline because they couldn’t really make much money because it just wasn’t a bankable genre that many people liked. In hindsight, the film Singin’ in the Rain definitely gives off a good memory of Hollywood throughout the movie you notice that the studio is in trouble of going bankrupt unless they switch from silent film to a talkie.

The film also gives off a light hearted depiction of what is Hollywood, while it follows three stars as the actors of the film while they learn to adjust from silent film to talkies. This film hits on many threats, adversities, and changes that the film industry had to battle with TV to be able to succeed.