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Singing to Singin’ in the Rain

There is no doubt that the film Singin’ in the Rain is a Hollywood Classic. The narrative, editing, and even mise-en-scéne create the overall classic Hollywood film narrative.  While watching the film, the viewer is able to get caught up in this love story. As well, with all Hollywood love stories, there is an antagonist as well as a protagonist. Throughout the film the viewer is able to easily connect the storyline and identify the  villain. This plot tragectory is typical of a Hollywood film and it is also present in the film Singin’ in the Rain.

All classic Hollywood films follow a basic plot. The narrative begins with a conflict, which then leads to a causality, this causality creates a climax leading to the falling actions, and finally the end of the film. In the film Singin’ in the Rain the conflict deals with silent films adding sound, instead of just music. This change in cinema creates a problem or conflict for the actors on camera. The character, Lina Lamont does now have a voice that is very soothing on camera. This is where the film follows the classic Hollywood plot trajectory. The conflict arises and the other characters in the film must find a way to make a “talkie” film work with Lina’s unappealing voice.

The plot line then deepens with the addition of Kathy’s character. A struggling performer who is able to actually sing, dance, and act. The Hollywood storyline allows for the main character, Don Lockwood, to fall in love with Kathy. This love affair creates another complication because Lina is in love with Don.

To create the causality of the original conflict the plot allows for Kathy to be Lina’s voice in the upcoming film. However, Lina finds out that Kathy is her VoiceOver and is furious. This plot rising action allows for the viewer to recognize the antagonist as well as the protagonist. These actions deepen th plot while maintaining the classic Hollywood film story.

Classic Hollywood cinema follows simple guidelines for a narrative. One guideline includes the vilian to ultimately be punished. During the film, Singin’ in the Rain, the vilian is Lina Lamont. The climax in the story comes once Lina figures Kathy to be her voiceover. Lina manipulates the media into thinking that she voices the entire film herself not Kathy. This cause for power leads to Lina’s demise, like most Hollywood vilians. The falling action in the film comes when Lina is forced to sing, which leads to Kathy singing behind Lina disguised by a curtain. Kathy is revealed as the true singer and Lina is now humiliated.

Classic Hollywood films are almost easy to predict, because they all follow the same plot tragectory. The guy gets the girl, the vilian is exposed and punished, and the viewer is able to handle the story. Singin’ in the Rain depicts a classic Hollywood film narrative because of these three factors as explained above. In classic Hollywood films the viewers were to be entertained, and this film allows for entertainment.


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