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Details on Blog Posts

As part of your final grade for the course you are responsible for writing three critical blog posts throughout the semester.  (You may write additional blog posts on course-related topics for extra credit, but they must refer to specific issues or ideas discussed in class.)  In order to receive full credit for the assignment you must follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Blogs must be posted on the class blog:
  • All posts must be at least 500 words long (any less will not be accepted)
  • The post should be written in the form of a short critical essay and follow proper grammar, punctuation, and style principles–please do not use abbreviations (e.g., “wknd” instead of “Godard’s film Week End“).  In other words, formal in content and form
  • Your post should be thought out and thoroughly developed
  • You must use textual evidence (quotes from readings, dialogue from the films, descriptions of details or moments on screen) to support your ideas
  • Do not plagiarize!
  • Each blog response will be worth 20 points (60 points total) and each pair of comments will be worth 5 points (15 points total)
  • Refer to the course syllabus (available on Sakai) to see if it is your week to post responses or comments.  If your last name begins with the letter A-H, you are in Group 1.  If your last name begins with the letter I-Z, you are in Group 2.  Group 1 will write the first blog post on Mildred Pierce, and Group 2 will write the first blog post on Metropolis.
  • All posts must be submitted by *Thursday* at noon following our Tuesday screenings; this is necessary in order to allow your classmates to read through the posts and provide comments before class on Friday.  

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