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Details on Blog Comments

The weeks you are not posting a blog you are required to comment on two posts from your classmates.  Below are the guidelines for this assignment:

  • Read each blog post (check the dates and deadlines on the syllabus)
  • Choose two posts that intrigue you most and that you want to comment on
  • Write one comment on each post.  Your comments should reflect your understanding of both the film discussed and your classmate’s analysis
  • Comments must be at least two sentences long to receive credit
  • Your comments must show me that you are engaging in a productive discussion with the author of the blog post.  That means that you can ask a question about the post; a comment indicating whether you agree with your classmate or not and detailing why (use evidence for support); a suggestion about how to strengthen the argument; an interesting fact or story that specifically relates to your classmate’s post; your thoughts on the film and how they relate to the post, etc.
  • You must always be respectful and considerate when you are commenting.  Rude comments on the blog will not be tolerated and will be deleted.
  • While you are only required to write two comments to get full credit I will take into consideration all the comments you make before the deadline before assigning you a grade for commenting that week.
  • Each pair of comments will be worth 5 points  (15 points total)
  • All comments are due by the beginning of class on Friday

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